Asran Adventures - Update #1


Random facts of Nameless_Soul #2:

  • Replacing vocals with asterisks in bad words is f*cking retarded.

Wow, time sure does flies. Going to be honest thought, wasn’t really inspired this week, was more into spending time with friends and focusing on life. Really missed being here as well. Hmm, well, glad to be back, let me introduce you some awesome stuff now.

First of all, you should know that, even if this is the 1st Graphics-related update to Asran Adventures, it doesn’t means that what is going to be showed here is the only thing I’ve done. There are enough tiles to make a complete dungeon so far, also I have done some NPCs(So far, monsters) and more.

But, I want to show the latest work.


1. Wooden Bow

2. Wooden Crossbow


Different types of potions.


1. Small Dagger

2. Iron Dagger

4. Short Sword

5. Iron Sword

Character preview

And, a character preview! Showing off its walking(4 frames) and attacking(4 frames).


Small mock-up, with a concept UI in it. The three(Yes, very small) bars at the top left are Health, Magic and Experience, plus, of course, the username. At the bottom you can find a small boxes in which you can set weapons, items and skill for a fast use/equip. The two selected boxes(The ones with arrows around them) are an example of the current equipped weapons, in this case, being a sword and a shield.

Another thing, I was working on an Issac Clarkson pixel art, but left it to the fact that I wasn’t finding enough inspiration. Might work on it sometime soon, maybe…?

Isaac Clarkson WIP

As you can see, I only applied fast colors without shading, dithering and outlines. What a shame.

Well, that’s all for now. Huh.

If you wish to contact me, you can either send me a tweet at @nameless_soul, ask me a question on this blog, or email me at

With love,

Miguel Guzman.